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Alone on a country road, carrying a small camcorder and convinced that vintage treasures and priceless stories were to be found in the barns and attics of America, Mike created the first minutes of American Pickers. After five years and countless network rejections, HISTORY said yes, and a blockbuster series was born. Ten seasons and tens of millions of viewers worldwide later, Mike is creating and executive producing new projects and working on ideas for more ...

HISTORY Channel American Pickers


HISTORY, Created by and Starring Mike Wolfe
New Episodes on Saturdays

Mike's genius is his unique ability to look at a rusty tin can, a vintage hood ornament or a peeling advertising sign and piece together a vision of the world where this object was born --- who made it and when, who used it and for what, who discarded it and why. These are the stories he tells on American Pickers, where he criss-crosses the country's backroads and explore its small towns, introducing the audience to hobos and homesteaders, pickers and packrats, and sharing their stories.

Going Cambo


Go90, Starring Cambo and Yelawolf
Mike Wolfe, Executive Producer (with Yelawolf and Shaun Silva)

Cambo is a 21-year-old Alabama woodsman who's spent a lot of his life alone in the woods, living on his considerable skills, eating what he can hunt or catch, sleeping in a rock cave and avoiding traffic, people and pretty much all vegetables. In each episode, his friend, musician Yelawolf, introduces him to a city-slicker acquaintance eager to see if he can learn enough from Cambo and find the guts to survive a week in the woods.



Mike Wolfe, Executive Producer

"Yelawolf," a controversial Southern Rap Star raised by bikers takes us on a surreal, unexpected journey into the rough subcultures of people he relates to as Slumericans. Yelawolf's aggressive, pain induced lyrics and hard-hitting music was born out of a passion to survive and rise up from childhood abuse, teenage addiction and his ongoing dark internal conflict. This Documentary Series chronicles Yelawolf's path to understanding his past, present and future through these real life, unfiltered encounters with like-minded, street influenced, hard-edged characters.

Nashville Flipped


DIY Network, Hosted by Troy Dean Shafer
Mike Wolfe, Executive Producer

Mike loves Nashville and supports its growth as a business and cultural center of the South. But as a preservationist, he resists the wholesale demolition of old neighborhoods, instead looking for a more thoughtful approach to renovation. His Nashville Flipped, was a unique house-flipping series about homes updated with modern conveniences and safe, family-friendly infrastructure, but restored in a careful, conscious way that maintains their original charm and architectural elements.


Mike in the Media

The New York Times - ABC - People - Los Angeles Times - Fox News


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